New York Mobile Website Design
21st of March

New York Mobile Website Design

“Any small business website that offers information, e-commerce or news that adds value to potential customers must adapt now to meet the growing force of the mobile web market.” -Don Peterson, New York Mobile Website Design

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Albuquerque Restaurant & Hotel Guide 1
5th of July

Restaurant Guide Website Design

A Restaurant and Hotel Guide for Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This Albuquerque Restaurant & Hotel Guide  website design was developed to showcase the diverse range of shopping and dining choices in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was designed primarily with smartphones in mind, and is the first fully smartphone compatible restaurant guide for Albuquerque. It houses a growing list of Albuquerque dining and hotel options with Google maps & directions, Social Media tools, reviews, menus, and other features relevant to busy tourists and shoppers on the go.

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The Old Chevy
4th of July

The Old Chevy

This Old Chevy truck interior was photographed at a custom car show in Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Old Town, Albuquerque’s most historic district, sits on the old Route 66 as it snakes through downtown Albuquerque (now known as Central Ave.). Many of the locals keep the old Route 66 spirit by restoring these old cars and trucks to beautiful perfection. In fact, on Saturday and Sundays during the summer months one can see many of these old cruisers all along the old Route 66 enjoying a weekend ride.

This photo was shot with a Canon 20D and 50mm F1.8 II lens at F2.0. Photo by Don Peterson. Check out my web design portfolio!

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Web Design Color Schemes That Work
22nd of June

Web Design Color Schemes That Work!

How to Choose the Right Web Design Color Schemes

Color has a vocabulary. Effective web design color schemes “speak” to the emotions of a potential online customers.  Savvy web designers know that color is one of the best tools in their “toolkit.”

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