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2nd of April

Mobile Website Design for Santa Fe

“The most direct way for your local business to reach travelers in Santa Fe, New Mexico is through their smartphones. Mobile Website Design is your doorway to that vital market.” – Don Peterson, Mobile Web Designer.


The city of Santa Fe, New Mexico is a world class destination, served by some of the world’s finest resorts, hotels, restaurants and art galleries. As such, it is a vital candidate for mobile web design. Here’s why: Smartphones and other portable wireless Mobile Web devices are now the foremost tool used by travellers to book hotels, research and locate restaurants, galleries, and just about every other type of travel purchase. As they tour the city of Santa Fe, they look up Mobile Web based websites on their smartphones to discover new places to dine and visit.

Santa Fe Mobile Websites Design

Mobile Web is no longer cutting edge. Using smartphones to find information and make purchases has gone mainstream, and rapidly so. According to PhoCusWright’s Mobile Hits the Mainstream: Leisure and Business Travel Trends (a Global Edition publication), 28% of leisure travelers (as of 2012) who conduct travel-related activities via the mobile Web only use mobile websites to do so, while 72% use some combination of mobile websites and apps (none use apps exclusively). And this channel mix changes significantly, depending on whether consumers employ smartphones to research or book travel, or to engage in post-purchase activities. By the end of 2014, more people wil access the Web with smartphones and tablets than with desktop computers and laptops. As they visit Santa Fe, the smartphone will be the first tool they use to find businesses just like yours. If you are a Santa Fe business, is your website optimized for the Mobile Web?

Why Santa Fe Businesses Need Mobile Web Ready Websites – Now!

The time to adapt your website to be Mobile Web ready is now. Typical websites that were built for use on desktop computers are designed to be viewed on a standard computer screen and navigated with a mouse, trackball or other navigation device. On smartphone screens, these website become very cumbersome to navigate, especially if you are using your (comparatively) “fat” fingers for navigation. Websites optimized for Mobile Web automatically adapt to whatever device is being used to view it. If your website is not optimized for Mobile Web, potential customers will become frustrated and move on to another website. That means lost business for you! See our Small Business Guide to Mobile Web for more detailed information.

Santa Fe, New Mexico Mobile Web

Reaching Santa Fe Tourists by Smartphone and Tablet

Our research has revealed that not one of Santa Fe’s top travel websites is Mobile Web ready. As a result, they are ill-equipped to meet the needs of smartphone and tablet equipped consumers eager to see all that Santa Fe has to offer. Well, we want to help. We are in the process of developing a Santa Fe Travel Portal designed especially for smartphones and tablets. This insider’s guide to Santa Fe will help members to find their way around Santa Fe in just a few mouse clicks on any portable Mobile Web device. You can see a sample of our web design below. More to come very soon!

Santa Fe Travel Website for Smartphones and tablets

We Help Santa Fe, New Mexico Businesses To Reach the Mobile Web Market

We provide cost-effective and appealing Mobile Web Design that will help you to reach eager travelers, no matter what device they are using to view your website.  Call Don Peterson at 917.267.9281 for more information.



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