16th of July

Staten Island Ferry

Photo: Staten Island Ferry, New York City

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13th of July

The Donald

Photo: The Donald, Times Square, New York City

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12th of July

Chrome vs. Firefox

Remember the time when having different browsers wasn’t that big a deal? Those were carefree times of Internet Explorer and Netscape. You practically had to a browser and that was all you ever needed. However, times changed. Internet sites have become complicated. Having teal background with bright red Comic Sans font text no longer did it job. Awkward stuff, like Java and Flash and user-generated content, started to invade the sanctuary of the static internet. As Web 2.0 started to emerge, so did the importance of individual web browsers. Today, two are most prominent: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Which one to choose?

Why Opt For Google Chrome?


There was a huge hype for Google Chrome. And really, why shouldn’t it be? It was made by the world’s leading IT brand, so it was bound to be good. Ultimate verdict? It is good. Google Chrome has a minimalist user interface. It is smooth and fast. It a more polished browser, and the fact that you can log in to your Google account and practically transfer all your bookmarks wherever Google Chrome is found is a worthwhile addition. It doesn’t take much memory, and with Firefox, sometimes you have to restart the program to free all the memory is taking up.

Why Opt For Mozilla Firefox?


However, to some people, the minimalism of Google Chorme is a bit too much. Firefox has address and search bars in separate fields. The amount of customization one can do in Firefox, thanks to one-click add-ons, is simply incredible. Firefox is also company-neutral: it doesn’t force you to make some Mozilla-only account to easily access different sites. Firefox was the fist browser to introduce some of the features that today we couldn’t do without: customization, private browsing, saving credentials and so on. That needs to be acknowledged.

Why Opt For Internet Explorer?


Just don’t.

So there you have it, a rundown on which browsers to use and which one not to use. Also, remember to check out Opera; it wouldn’t survive the competition if it wasn’t decent browser. Also remember to check out – you never know what might come your way!


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