Thomson Reuters in Times Square, New York City Photo 4
3rd of September

Thomson Reuters, Times Square

This photo, captured near sunset in Times Square, New York City, shows a detail from the Thomson Reuters building. I find it a bit amusing that some of the gaudiest buildings in Times Square are home to prestigious news agencies, brokerage houses and investment firms. Times Square, with all its glitter, is the new Wall Street with firms like Thomson Reuters, Ernst & Young, and Morgan Stanley moving into the neighborhood. I like to shoot in Times Square during this time of day for the beautiful balance of ambient and street light. I look for interesting lighting effects and color combinations and try to create compositions that feel a bit abstract.

Camera: Canon Rebel XS, Canon 18-55mm EF-S IS lens, ISO 400, F:8, handheld (IS on) at 1/8 sec.

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